What People are Saying


A Collaborative Approach

Cathy is an asset to a strong and supportive school community 

- Lauren Clarke Mason 

Peer Review Program


Integrating Art and Literacy

Ms. Drakes art classes serve the dual purpose of allowing students to develop their creative talents while also reinforcing their literacy skills as they read and write about art. Colorful displays of student work grace the halls., changing  on a regular basis.

- Mary Driscol

Instructional Superintendent 

Boston Public Schools


Creating Safe Learning Environments

 Cathy's lessons are culturally sensitive. She is able to deal effectively with students of varied ages and ability levels. Cathy also possesses strong behavior management skills which allow her to effectively deal with students with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. Cathy has provided a classroom where students feel safe enough to express themselves and develop a positive image.

- Yvonne Vest

Principal, Boston Middle School Academy, Boston Public Schools