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Middle School Technology Showcase


As we begin to see fewer distinctions between physical and digital play and students often looking at the two worlds equally interwoven what we do as  educators today is essential for the unpredictable innovations they will face tomorrow.

TAB - Teaching for Artist Behavior

A student served up some clay cupcakes from her second grades upstart cafe..

Also know as choice based art education, gives students the opportunity to explore more content through learning centers where the teacher becomes the facilitator in place  of the instructor / teacher.

Working Groups


 Student bring unique knowledge and skills to the group fostering student interaction, teamwork and reinforces interpersonal skills. Leadership qualities emerge and students learn to make decisions through consensus and give constructive feedback ion a group setting. See lessons and gallery for more ideas.

Any Community would be lucky to have an amazing talent

Cathy is an asset to a strong and supportive school community

Lauren Clarke Mason - Educator

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